T. & T. V. Sarvajanik Vidyalaya

Principal’s Message(Sec & Higher Sec)

Dear Friends,

Education is the observance of ceremony. Education is a conscious attempt done by a person in order to develop and promote one’s strength. The current of social life travels to development through education.

A school is generally known as a school to educate, to develop virtues and to experiment. It is believed that a human being without education is like an animal. Thus, the role of school in the life of a human being is inevitable. Schools are remembered for the whole life by everyone to allow him to grow in life. Such one is our school T. & T.V. Sarvajanik Vidhyalaya, situated at Gopipura the center of the city. This school has entered the 130th year of successful efforts of the officers of trust, hard working staff and alumnuni, the school succeeds through beautifully.

The role of a teacher pursuing his life on the path of education is important in order to educate children. A real teacher has to be a ‘torch-bearer’. Why to wait for? Let’s all come together and try in the name of education to be successful...........


Praful A. Patel

In charge Principal